'The Fugitive' Is Getting a Remake or Sequel or Something

May 12, 2015


Like the earring regularly forced through Harrison Ford's lobe, Hollywood is continuing its futile attempts to put a modern shine on the classic Ford we already love. With updates on Star Wars, Blade Runner, and Indiana Jones already in the works, Warner Bros. has now reportedly set to work at also giving us a new version of The Fugitive, the film where Ford goes on the run after being accused of his wife's murder, which we all know this guy wouldn't do. It wasn't like a Gone Girl thing.

The franchise already has an odd history. It began as a popular mid-'60s series before finding new, shockingly decent life as a 1993 thriller that proved a box office hit and was nominated for seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture. In 1998, the movie would inspire two more films: the spin-off U.S. Marshals, which followed Tommy Lee Jones's character from the original, and Wrongfully Accused, a terrible Leslie Nielsen parody. Two years later, CBS would again falsely accuse a guy of killing his wife with a reboot series that starred Wings' Tim Daly, but, like Tommy Lee Jones, audiences did not care.


It's not currently clear on whether this new film will be a remake or some kind of belated follow-up--Jones wistfully remembering how, looking back, he has to admit he did sort of care; Ford recalling how, now that he thinks about it, he totally murdered the shit out of his wife.

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