The Wachowskis' Netflix Series Has All the Action and Confusing Interconnectedness You'd Figure

May 7, 2015


In the Wachowskis' new Netflix series, Sense8, a diverse group of eight, otherwise unconnected people around the globe somehow share thoughts, experiences, and learned traits--like, for example, the ability to do cool martial arts shit. Sometimes, this leads to characters looking into a mirror, hesitantly touching it, and recoiling. Other times, it leads to this guy shooting these two guns, like, blat-blat-blat-blat, and all these granite walls around him are exploding, and it's all in slow-mo. So yes, the Wachowskis' Netflix series is a pastiche of a Wachowskis Netflix series. But, broken into episodes, it's already infinitely easier to actually sit down and watch than Cloud Atlas, so there's that. Here's the trailer:

Take note: at the cool-dude-shooting part at 1:04, there's a camera plainly visible on the right side of the frame. Either someone really screwed up, or this thing is so Wachowski-y that characters are shooting a Wachowski-style movie within the Wachowski-produced series. Whoa.

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