Tilda Swinton Will Make 'Doctor Strange' That Much Stranger

May 27, 2015


Showing just how committed Marvel is to making Doctor Strange look strange, the studio has started talks to have Tilda Swinton join Benedict Cumberbatch in this increasingly-otherworldly superhero film. THR reports that Swinton is in negotiations to play the Ancient One, which in name sounds like a completely apt role for her but is actually fairly unusual: in the comics, the character is an elderly Tibetan man that mentors Stephen Strange in the mystic arts. It would seem the Ancient One has now been altered to be an ageless, extremely white woman that mentors Cumberbatch's Strange in the mystic art of looking like an ethereal alien.

The film begins shooting in November, but Marvel has somehow yet to fill the role of the villainous Dormammu with David Bowie.

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