'Vacation' Trailer Promises New 'Vacation' Can Stand on Its Own Rusty Legs

May 7, 2015


Like the recent trailers for Jurassic World and Terminator Genisys, the first trailer for Vacation happily includes some very familiar beats in its new tune--but unlike those other in-canon soft reboots, this one takes it a step further to, for better or worse, try and make the re-hashing into a big, self-aware gag.

"You want to re-do your vacation from 30 years ago?" asks new matriarch Christina Applegate.

"This'll be completely different," promises Ed Helms, father and new Rusty.

"I've never even heard of the original vacation," says his teenage son.

"Doesn't matter; the new vacation will stand on its own, okay?" says Helms.

"Alright, alright, I get it. Let's just get on with it," we exhaustedly reply.

And so we shall with the below preview--NSFW due to Thor yet showing off his latest difficult-to-wield tool. (It's his prop penis.)

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