Visit Guillermo del Toro's Dreamhouse in New 'Crimson Peak' Trailer

May 13, 2015


Here's the latest trailer for Crimson Peak, the film that is the horrific episode of Cribs Guillermo del Toro always wanted to see. Mia Wasikowska stars as a pasty ingénue who marries Tom Hiddleston and moves into his mansion with his sister, Jessica Chastain, who's a bit judgmental but keeps the rent lower. While the mansion at first seems like a really nice, modern mansion--as all creepy, Victorian mansions were assumedly considered in Victorian times--Wasikowska soon finds that the place is overrun with ghosts, and that her husband is super cheap about exterminating the pests. He's all like, "It's a pretty old house! You're gonna get some malevolent spirits. Just never go into the basement and they'll barely even haunt you." What a dick.

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