Watch a Half-Hour of Concentrated '80s Radness with 'Kung Fury'

May 29, 2015


Kung Fury involves a cool, time-traveling Kung Fu cop, Vikings with chain guns, Nazis, robots, a sweet Lambo, and a character called TriceraCop, who is precisely what that sounds like. In essence, it is everything a kid growing up in the '80s hoped to see in an action movie at the time--which is probably why those now-grown kids spent their adult money on it. The project was Kickstarted in December 2013, and after an awful lot of green-screen work and VHS filtering, it's just now getting its big release.

If you couldn't guess from the description, the whole thing is pretty on-the-nose with its high-concept premise--it may be the first film in which a lack of pirate ninjas shows surprising restraint--but it's nonetheless a hugely impressive effort that's worth a watch. Particularly because it's free and only takes half an hour. And did I mention there's a cop with the head of a dinosaur?

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