Aaron Eckhart To Hunt for Abductee, Get Hunted by Killer, and It Will All Be LIVE! (with the Exclamation Point)

June 25, 2015


Aaron Eckhart is set to star in Live!, a film that, yes, does have exactly the same name as the daytime talk show with Kelly Ripa and Football Player. This Live! is slightly different, though--and there's a chance it might end up being our new John Wick of sorts.

In this Live!, Eckhart will play Kyle Penny, who sounds like he's an 11-year-old in a Roald Dahl book but is actually a disgraced cop, obviously. It might just be this Penny's time to shine (you can use that, screenwriter) though, because Police Commissioner Volk's daughter has been kidnapped, and is trapped somewhere in the city with only 80 minutes to live. ALSO, there is a "deranged" though possibly unrelated killer that is, himself, chasing down Penny, presumably trying to kill him. And, because investors probably asked if there could be a sexy woman and something about social media in there, Penny is also forced to team up with a young online journalist named Ava Brooks.

While already this sounds like a fully-formed pitch you'd hear an idiot say in a satire about Hollywood, it turns out there's yet more. Since the 80 minutes this daughter has to live is already about the right length for this film--once you tack on a five-minute ending and the introductory shots of a disgraced Penny swigging from a flask--the filmmakers are just going to do the thing in real time, like a long episode of 24 involving a man named Penny.

Darrin Prescott and Wade Allen are making their feature debut on the project, and that may be the most encouraging aspect of the entire production. Like John Wick directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, Prescott and Allen are a duo that have until now been doing second unit work and stunt coordination--and their impressive body of work includes the Matrix sequels, The Bourne Ultimatum, Drive, and, yes, John Wick. So perhaps it's best we reserve our judgment until we at least see how many dudes Kyle Penny shoots in the face.

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