'Chariots of Fire' Basically Getting Sequel with Joseph Fiennes

June 25, 2015


A sure sign that we're really running low on '80s films to revisit, now someone is making a follow-up to Chariots of Fire, the 1981 Best Picture winner that clearly needed a sequel. According to Deadline, the film, titled The Last Race, is not technically an official sequel but nonetheless will pick up where Chariots left off. Like how you aren't technically stalking someone if you just follow them to the bus stop, then trade off with a partner to trace the victim home; sure, we're following the same person, but now someone else is handling it.

Directors Stephen Shin and Michael Parker are the ones handling this project, which will begin its story just after Scottish runner Eric Liddell's 1924 Paris Olympics win that was famously depicted in the original film. The Last Race will see Liddell head to China, where he would serve as a missionary and teacher before being taken to a Japanese internment camp, where he died. Liddell will reportedly be played by Joseph Fiennes, the Fiennes you forgot about for a decade after Shakespeare in Love.

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