Charles Darwin Story at Last Adapts to Disney Adventure Template

June 23, 2015


Back in spring of 2010, Funny or Die enlisted Dana Carvey to play a violent Charles Darwin in a fake movie trailer that spoofed Hollywood's rising tendency to turn intellectual characters into action-adventure heroes--this was, notably, just after Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes became a hit. That was over five years ago. Since then, satire--a badass Darwin film's only natural enemy--has been killed off by either our second or third development of a cool, crime-solving Houdini project. An action-filled Darwin movie has been free to grow, to thrive, and, in adapting to something more viable than a Dana Carvey comedy, it has slowly evolved into an actual movie.

Thusly, Deadline reports that Disney has closed a deal for Syriana writer-director Stephen Gaghan to write and direct an untitled film about the famed naturalist. Not many details are yet available, but it's explained that "Darwin had a bit of that Indiana Jones-like swashbuckling spirit in him," and the take is said to really lean on that aspect to produce "an adventure film." Creationists, meanwhile, continue to deny this news, maintaining that all of our Darwin movies were created at once about six-thousand years ago.

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