Director Found for Dark, Gritty 'Robin Hood: Origins', Which Is an Actual Movie Title

June 5, 2015


Peaky Blinders and Black Mirror director Otto Bathurst is attached to give us a dark retelling of that Disney cartoon where a fox wins an archery contest. He's reportedly Lionsgate's choice to helm ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS, a film that will show Russell Crowe what a dandy he was by now making Robin Hood even more willfully gritty. According to Deadline, the take "has been likened to The Dark Knight" and sees Robin returning from the Crusades to find that, while he was away, Sherwood Forest has become a hotbed of corruption and evil. The forest needs a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A merry man.

Notably, there are already several other Robin Hood movies in development, but lucky for Lionsgate, those are derivative in entirely different ways: Sony is calling their Hood an Avengers-style universe, while Disney's Nottingham and Hood is Pirates of the Caribbean but with Robin Hood (Warner also has one in development, but they have yet to announce a title and elevator pitch that will make us throw up a little).

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