Faux Kramer Immediately Breaks 'Seinfeld' Replica Apartment

June 26, 2015


Though Hulu was quick to fix the fact that they put a PC instead of a Mac in their Seinfeld apartment installation, apparently there's already been another glaring blemish in our replica 5A: some dude almost immediately broke the molding on Jerry's wall.

The news--and footage of the incident--comes from the apartment-ruiner himself, Tim McGeever. As he told The Hollywood Reporter, when you get to the mock set, "you have the option to go right in or if you want to make a Kramer entrance you just have to wait a couple more minutes." If you choose the latter, a Hulu employee will take your phone and record your entrance, obnoxiously shooting it sideways, and assumedly inserting commercials somehow. But upon McGeever's entrance, which occurred about two hours after the place opened to the public, he spun around the kicked the a board off the door frame. According to the perpetrator, it was a sight that made the security guard ask, "Are you fucking kidding me?", and now you can watch this spectacle below, so that we all may see the shameful nipple on his soul.

A Hulu spokesperson has said that they were able to shove the piece back on there, and they are still encouraging fans to do non-racist Michael Richards impressions. If you want to get one in, head over to 451 West 14th Street before the place closes this Sunday.

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