Jared Leto Sent In-Character Joker Gifts to 'Suicide Squad' Cast

June 26, 2015


Though we have yet to see what Jared Leto's Joker is bringing to Suicide Squad, thanks to Leto's co-star Adam Beach, we do now know what Leto's Joker is bringing to the company white elephant Christmas party. It seems Leto has, in-character, been giving novelty gifts to his fellow actors, and--perhaps unsurprising given that we're talking about a guy with a "damaged" tattoo on his forehead--they are not very subtle in establishing that this Joker is up in everyone's silver grill about being willfully deranged.

"[Leto] sent [Margot Robbie] a nice love letter with a black box with a rat in it--a live rat," Beach told E!. "Then he sent bullets to Will [Smith] with a letter."

Seems more appropriate for playing Gomez Addams than it is for the Joker, Leto, but alright. Anything else?

The cast also received a video and--get ready for it!--a "dead hog."

So this take on the Joker is the most popular guy at a luau?

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