'Joe Dirt 2' Lifts Gown To Reveal Its Ballsack of a New Trailer

June 2, 2015


The new trailer for Joe Dirt 2 begins with a Forrest Gump reference. Shortly after, you find out that the film's plot involves Dirt traveling back in time. Amazingly, these two things don't seem to be related. Such is the world of Joe Dirt, where time and timeliness have no meaning beneath the shroud of David Spade's mullet wig.

Spade naturally returns to play the title character, who this time sees a dad-gummed twister done come out the sky and spin him and his trailer off to the past. How will he get back... to the future? How did Christopher Walken get talked back... into another one of these? So we'll see when the film debuts July 16 on Crackle, a sadly fitting analogue to Adam Sandler getting a Netflix deal.

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