Kevin Costner Will Be the Ally McBeal of Amazon

June 26, 2015


Perhaps finally enticing Dad to use the Prime membership you bought him last Christmas, Amazon is going to put Kevin Costner in a legal drama. According to Deadline, Coster is in talks to follow up his sudden film resurgence with an Amazon streaming series titled Trial. It's the latest of so many a lawyer show from Ally McBeal, The Practice, and Boston Legal creator David E. Kelley, and it basically sounds like it's The Verdict: The Series. Costner would play Billy McBride, a lawyer who lost a case that saw a kid murdered, sending him into a guilt-ridden spiral of drinking and despair that makes him lose his wife and his partnership at his law firm. But guess what. Like Costner himself, McBride is making a comeback, bringing a case directly against his former partner and, in the process, recapturing his old spark. Should Costner sign on to Trial, it will get a ten-episode, straight-to-series order, and it will quietly be agreed upon that McBride's drinking will then become a metaphor for Waterworld.

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