New 'Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp' Promo Narrated by Can of Vegetables

June 23, 2015


Our latest look for Netflix's eight-episode Wet Hot American Summer revival takes the form of an old promo advertising the film's '80s Camp Firewood setting. Narrated by H. Jon Benjamin, the camp's talking can of vegetables, the minute-long phony VHS gives us some new shots from the prequel series, and notably, it gives we wet, hot fans a pretty big reveal as to one of the storylines we might see thanks to this being set on the first day of camp. Christopher Meloni's shell-shocked Vietnam vet/cook? It looks like he started his stay as a clean cut, nicely dressed "gourmet chef" with a full head of sandy hair. His unraveling shall be our entertainment! Like the Star Wars prequels, had Anakin been driven to the dark side after hearing the taunting voice of Archer emerge from R2's flapping lid. Here's the trailer:

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