Schwarzenegger To Seek Out Subtle Vengeance

June 24, 2015


When one sits down for a film about Arnold Schwarzenegger exacting revenge on the man who killed his family, the last thing anyone is expecting, or even desiring, is subtlety. But according to Deadline, delicate, subdued vengeance is apparently just what we'll be getting with the latest film Arnold has signed on to, 478.

Written by Enemy screenwriter Javier Gullón and produced by Darren Aronofsky, the film will see Schwarzenegger as a man with an Austrian accent whose wife and child are killed in a plane crash that's the result of an air traffic controller's negligence. The air traffic controller becomes such a despised public figure that he's placed in protective custody, but it turns out Arnold don't give a fuck. He's gonna get that dude anyway. And while that sounds like exactly what you'd figure Arnold would do in a movie, the film is said to be "much more subtle than that -- a real character piece more than an action film." This will be a deep, nuanced, three-dimensional person trying to brutally murder an air traffic controller.

Production on 478 is already scheduled to begin this fall, after which Schwarzenegger can hopefully move on from this "real character piece" to the "real entertainment" of a Twins sequel.

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