'Star Wars: Rogue One' To Travel to Forest Moon of Whitaker

June 15, 2015


It's not often one gets to be part of two sci-fi epics upon which entire religions have been built, but it looks like such fortune has come to a star of Battlefield Earth. According to Variety, Forest Whitaker is in talks to join Felicity Jones, Riz Ahmed, Diego Luna, and Ben Mendelsohn in the Gareth Edwards-directed Star Wars: Rogue One. The film sees a group of Rebels stealing the Death Star plans in the lead-up to the original Star Wars, but it's not yet clear what Whitaker's role will be. What already weird, though, is that if someone asks, "Hey, what's the Star Wars with Forest Whitaker in it?", there is now an answer that is not derisive laughter. That seems off, right?

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