Uwe Boll Wants To Yell at You and George Clooney for Not Funding His Films

June 8, 2015


While unconscionably prolific director Uwe Boll has long joked(?) that his many films have been funded with Nazi gold, lately, the German filmmaker has instead looked to the internet for funding. But like the Nazis, the internet has not been kind, and is very often racist. Boll's 2013 attempt to fund Postal 2 on Kickstarter had only 378 backers, making less than thirty grand of its half-a-million-dollar goal. Last year, he moved on in an attempt to instead fund Rampage 3, and this time made just 6% of a $100,000 CAD goal. He recently relaunched that campaign again with just a $55k goal, but at less than 50% and with only three days to go, it seems he will once again fall short, just as his films have by absolutely any measure.

But a man who once made four absolutely miserable films in a year, and who literally fought his critics, isn't the type to just give up. He's found an innovative new way to now make willfully insulting, horribly shoddy-looking films that don't require funding at all: by just yelling at the camera.

And so he has, Sunday uploading to YouTube videos titles "june kickstarter" and, more tellingly, "fuck you all." In them, he lets you, George Clooney, and everyone else know that they are "fucking retards," "retarded idiots," and so on--the basis for these labels largely lying in how we haven't been sending him money to make Uwe Boll sequels. He's found a way to make "retarded" as an insult even more offensive somehow.

Have a look below for some films that let Boll shout "fuck you all" in a way that is somehow even more direct than was his making a second Alone in the Dark.

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