Wahlberg and Ferrell Back at Odds in 'Daddy's Home' Trailer

June 22, 2015


Sunday was Father's Day, and if any of your dads happened to ask for The Other Guys to be refashioned in their own dad-ly image, today you can belatedly fulfill their wish with the Daddy's Home trailer.

Starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, the comedy once again sees Ferrell as married nice guy against Wahlberg's tough guy that can't believe who Ferrell is married to. That's because Ferrell is this time married to Wahlberg's ex-wife, Linda Cardellini, and he's trying to win over her apprehensive children. But in his way is estranged dad Wahlberg, who has just unexpectedly re-entered the picture--and judging by an oddly gratuitous sequence of characters admiring Wahlberg's southwestern-inspired belt buckle, he is SUPER COOL to be able to pull that off. Once he shows up, it's time for a series of increasingly zany showings of oneupmanship and pratfalls. Assumedly, that will be followed by some event to make the two respect each other, then a hasty wrap-up that shows us how Wahlberg agrees to back off, but will still be hilariously involved. Like, during the credits, as a dated pop song plays, we'll get some lazily-photoshopped family photos of them all going camping together, and Wahlberg will be building an entire cabin while Ferrell is chased by a bear. I'd bet my own estranged children on it.

Anyway, here's that trailer:

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