3D Miyazaki Tribute Montage May Give Prolonged Ghiblirections

July 30, 2015


Animation legend Hayao Miyazaki has supposedly started work on his own 3D-animated debut to be completed in 2018, but it looks like someone has beat him to the punch. Shouldn't have sat on that one, eh, old man? But don't sweat it, Miyazaki, because this is different than what you're doing. Vimeo user Dono has put together a lovely tribute that marries the beloved 2D characters of Miyazaki's library with new, detailed 3D environments that seem to breathe new life into them. It also kind of feels like what would be the closing sequence after you beat Miyazaki: The Video Game. These are probably the end credits he got in his brain when he announced his retirement:

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