Ben Affleck To Make His Own Batman Movie

July 10, 2015


Finally giving in to that pouty face they just can't say no to, Warner Bros. is going to let Ben Affleck write and direct his own Batman movie. According to Deadline, Affleck is co-writing the solo film with prolific comic book writer Geoff Johns, and it will "reflect the Batman character that emerges after Batman v Superman and Justice League." Since the latter film is set to arrive November 17, 2017, that likely places the Batman film in 2018 at the earliest--though, with The Flash and Aquaman already arriving that year, it could be pushed back even further. Nonetheless, Affleck has apparently already "found [his] rhythm" with Johns, and they're expected to turn in a draft by the end of summer. The way the timing is working out on this, it's also expected that this will be the first Batman to be dark and brooding mostly about a divorce subplot.

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