Christoph Waltz Puts on His Blofeld-esque Jacket for New 'Spectre' Trailer

July 22, 2015


Well, if Christoph Waltz is still keeping up his story that he isn't playing Blofeld, this new Spectre trailer sure isn't helping his case. Sure, there are actually like four Bond villains that wear these stupid Nehru jackets, but this Mandarin collar combined with those set photos of some conspicuous mo-cap dots and the fact that he's the apparent head of Spectre really make it seem like he's Blofeld. Not that it matters, really. What's in a name? In the end, a villain will be judged by the writing, by the performance, and by whether or not he has a fluffy kitty cat and a Mike Myers parody analogue.

Also, either way, this movie has a rad helicopter barrel roll:

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