'Ghostbusters' Director Reveals Who Ya Gonna Call by What Name

July 20, 2015


Who ya gonna call? How ya gonna top a name like "Egon Spengler"? Well, you can't top a name like "Egon Spengler," so you might as well forget that right now. As for who you're gonna call, though, now we know, because Paul Feig has revealed the names of his new Ghostbusters team. Kristen Wiig is playing Erin Gilbert; Melissa McCarthy is Abby Yates; Kate McKinnon is Jillian Holtzmann; and Leslie Jones is Patty Tolan. Sadly, not a "Venkwoman" nor a "Shegon" among them. But at least there's still hope that Chris Hemsworth's receptionist will just be "Manine."

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