Han Solo Prequel Movie Coming from Phil Lord and Chris Miller

July 7, 2015


Well, Chris Pratt, get ready to be rumored for yet another iconic Harrison Ford role, because your Lego Movie directors are doing a Han Solo solo movie. The Hollywood Reporter brings news that Clone High creators Phil Lord and Chris Miller are returning to the realm of invented pasts for famous figures with a Star Wars prequel movie to focus on an early Solo, set back in the youthful days when Chewie still had full-body bleached tips.

Veteran Star Wars screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan and his son Jon are handling the script, which is good, because Lord and Miller really don't have time for this. The two are already, in varying capacities, working on: a Lego Movie sequel, a Lego Batman spin-off, a family sitcom about a cartoon barbarian, a Greatest American Hero reboot, 23 Jump Street, an animated Spider-Man movie, another season of Last Man on Earth, and The Flash movie. They have become our Nutella of directors--able to make so many things better than they should be, raved about by online nerds, and let's hope not spread too thin.

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