Hayden Christensen's Career Dies To Confirm Heaven in '90 Minutes in Heaven' Trailer

July 8, 2015


The Attack of the Clones to Heaven Is for Real's Phantom Menace, 90 Minutes in Heaven is our latest Christianity-based, supposedly true story of someone dying, going to Heaven, and then getting a book and movie deal from that. Only now it's Hayden Christensen instead of some round-faced little blonde kid.

Despite appearances, Christensen does not play a 10-year-old all dressed up like his daddy for Halloween. He's playing Baptist minister Don Piper, who in 1989 got in a collision with a semi that, by the judgement of the responding paramedics, left him dead. Before the morgue guy can get there to pick up the body, though, this other pastor shows up and asks if he might approach the wreck and pray. Having not learned Revenge of the Sith's lesson of not letting an old man obsessed with an ancient religion near Hayden Christensen's mangled body, the paramedics are like, sure, why the fuck not. YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. Click through to watch the unbelievable video!

Honestly. Can you believe this is what happened to Kate Bosworth?

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