'Hello Kitty' To Be Welcomed to Theaters, Might Cost Over $200 Million

July 6, 2015


Hello Kitty, the little white cat-girl that rose from nothing to become Japan's Minister of Cute Notebook Stickers, is getting her own movie. Deadline reports that kawaii-centric Japanese company Sanrio is going to themselves finance and produce a feature film based on their popular character, and they're aiming for a 2019 release, unless they finally grow out of this first. Sanrio executives have revealed only that the project will have a budget between $160 million and $240 million. It might sound like a lot for a cartoon cat movie, but keep in mind, that number here includes the advertising costs, which assumedly will go toward adding "The Movie" to the Hello Kitty hand vacuum, pancake maker, rice cooker, Foreman grill, and crock-pot.

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