Hugh Jackman Teases Final Wolverine Appearance, Asks if Anyone Has Any Ideas

July 28, 2015


What would you do for your last hurrah as Wolverine? Cook up some skewers? Fill a room with balloons and just go nuts in there? Cut off your own dick to see if, you know, it grows back bigger? Well, Hugh Jackman is looking for your ideas that are better than these.

As the actor has previously teased, the next Wolverine film will supposedly be his last outing as the character, and he's looking for your ideas for what should happen in that movie. If you've got something you want in the next film, send a tweet to @RealHughJackman with the tag #onelasttime--Jackman says to make it 50 words or less and he'll read as many as he can. Sorry, but I'm already sending the idea for "a patchwork, crowdsourced screenplay birthed by internet commenters."

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