'Insecti-Rudd', 'When Schumer Met Hader' Find Solid Success at Weekend Box Office

July 20, 2015


Well, Ant-Man didn't set any records this weekend, but all in all, it did alright for itself considering it's a superhero tentpole called "Ant-Man." Despite some fears that this could be Marvel's first big bomb, the film reportedly gave the studio its 12th #1 opening, taking in $58 million--which is just a bit higher than Marvel's 2008 opening for The Incredible, Quickly-Forgotten Ed Norton.

Also in new release, Judd Apatow's Trainwreck likewise found satisfactory success with a third-place $30.2 million. It's Apatow's second-biggest opening ever after Knocked Up, and it looks particularly strong when compared to Sex Tape, the R-rated sex comedy that last year debuted in the same time frame and made less than half this. Though, in fairness to Sex Tape, that also had to compete against being an absolutely terrible movie.

Anyway, here's your weekend box office top five:

1. Ant-Man - $58 million

2. Minions - $50.2 million

3. Trainwreck - $30.2 million

4. Inside Out - $11.6 million

5. Jurassic World - $11.4 million

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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