'Iron Giant' Returning to Theaters with Two New Scenes

July 8, 2015


When Brad Bird's now cult classic The Iron Giant hit theaters in 1999, it only made $23 million over its entire domestic run. In its opening weekend, it debuted at ninth. It couldn't even beat Inspector Gadget, and that had already been out for two weeks. Statistically, you most likely did not see a massive robot Vin Diesel towering on the big screen. YOUR LOSS.

But now you're getting a couple chances to make up for that loss, because The Iron Giant is coming back to theaters for some special showings. The film is officially being re-released in select cinemas nationwide for two days only, on Wednesday, September 30 at 7 PM and Sunday, October 4 at noon. It's reportedly been fully remastered, and better yet, it will feature two all-new scenes that, thankfully, do not contain the controversial reveal that the Iron Giant is controlled by the brain of a convicted pedophile. That scene has been deleted for good.

Tickets available soon through Fathom Events.

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