'Last Starfighter' Getting TV Reboot with Virtual Reality Parts

July 15, 2015


One of the first films to ever use CGI is now becoming one of the first television series to try and cram some virtual reality stuff in there somehow. According to Variety, Jonathan Betuel has decided why the hell not and started work on a television reboot of his 1984 screenwriting debut, The Last Starfighter. Betuel has teamed with Surreal.tv on the project, which it's said will be (relatively) watchable as a normal show but will also include special scenes that let viewers with VR headsets look around and wonder why this is happening now. Hint: it may have something to do with how Betuel hasn't made a film since his sophomore writing-directing effort, 1995's Theodore Rex, a sci-fi buddy cop comedy that teamed Whoopi Goldberg with a talking dinosaur.

The original Starfighter was basically a story of deluding yourself into thinking that playing video games might pay off somehow. It focused on a teenager whose skill at an arcade space shooter gets him recruited into an alien air force to fight in an interstellar conflict. This series won't focus on that, though. Betuel says this will just be about the alien law enforcement "instilling a moral code." Again, in case you missed it in the last paragraph, this is what happened last time this guy made a movie about law enforcement:

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