Lord & Miller's Cartoon-Barbarian-with-a-Real-Family Series Gets New Name, Pretty Great Cast

July 30, 2015


Good news, Steve Zahn: You won't be getting any more false Google alerts about a cartoon barbarian dad. Deadline reports that the Phil Lord-Chris Miller series Son of Zahn will not be called that anymore. Now it's titled Son of Zorn, and it's got a really solid cast behind it.

In the role of Zorn, the cartoon barbarian forced to give up his adventures and return to his estranged, live-action family's suburban life, they've got the voice of Jason Sudeikis. His ex-wife, Edie, will fittingly be played by Cheryl Hines, who already showed such great comedic husband frustration on Curb Your Enthusiasm. As previously reported, 21 Jump Street's Johnny Pemberton will play the title role. Under-appreciated SNL alumni Tim Meadows will play Edie's live-in boyfriend, and It's Always Sunny's Artemis Pebdani has graduated from having sex with Danny DeVito in a dumpster to being a manager at Sanitation Solutions, Zorn's workplace.

Production on the pilot already wrapped this week for its presentation to Fox, who will then decide whether to send this to series. Soon we shall know whether Zorn will return home to his family. If only our own father's decision were so imminent.

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