Michael Chabon, Bret McKenzie Writing Musical for Tom Cruise

July 28, 2015


Michael Chabon, Bret McKenzie, and Tom Cruise--the trio that inevitably comes up in every game of Fuck, Marry, Kill--may all work together on a long-developing film project.

According to THR, Cruise has been considering the lead role in Bob the Musical, a musical comedy Disney has kept in development hell for over a decade now.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory writer John August, Not Another Teen Movie's Mike Bender, and the writing team that brought us City Slickers have, separately, already taken passes at the screenplay, said to concern "a regular guy who, after a blow to the head, suddenly can hear the inner songs of everyone's heart as his reality is instantly turned into a musical."

But apparently Disney thinks that what this thing really needs is a Pulitzer Prize winner's touch, so now Adventures of Kavalier & Clay author Michael Chabon--who's previously written drafts for Spider-Man 2 and John Carter--is handling the script. Additionally, Flight of the Conchords' Bret McKenzie, who won an Oscar for his songwriting on The Muppets, will now handle the musical elements. The Artist's Michel Hazanavicius is already attached to direct. It is he who must decide who to fuck, who to marry, and who to kill, even though it seems pretty obvious.

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