'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' Photos Reveal New Intense Looks

July 2, 2015


Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, here are new photos of some of the many intense glares from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Have a look at them below, but be strong, because one photo sees Ben Affleck lecherously gazing at another woman. #toosoon


Batman and Superman, pre-kiss.


Bruce Wayne always ends up meeting the beautiful female lead's alter-ego at one of his fancy soirées. But if they're going for gritty realism, it should really be like, "Alfred... I think I was in line behind Catwoman at the Target pharmacy today."


Superman spends the Day of the Dead remembering how he snapped that dude's neck.


Batman looks to the sky and worries whether anyone is going to think this is a Dracula light.


Lex Luthor. Not yet bald but clearly already a real shit and a half.


Director Zack Snyder tries to explain where he got his sweatpants.


Our angriest Super Friends.

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