Next 'Sharknado' To Let You Decide Tara Reid's Employment

July 23, 2015


In the wake of yesterday's Sharknado 3 premiere, Syfy has surveyed the damage and decided they could actually stand some more ruination. The network has reportedly already given the greenlight for yet another sequel, and this one promises to be the least consequential yet: now you, the audience for some reason watching this, gets to decide whether or not Tara Reid will remain a character, because it really doesn't matter either way. Sharknado 3 ended with a cliffhanger that left Reid's April seemingly about to be crushed by space shuttle debris, and now Syfy isn't putting it to a vote whether or not that offs her. At last, Tara Reid's career will be governed not by talent but by the people. Or she'll come back regardless, and this is just to determine if the subtitle should be "Sharks vs. Ghost Reid." Either way, make your voice known here.

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