Peeta Basically Confirms We're Getting More 'Hunger Games'

July 10, 2015


Back in February, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer told analysts that his company was "thinking about prequel and sequel possibilities" for The Hunger Games franchise, and the analysts cheered, because those things would make a lot of money, and because they always wondered about Donald Sutherland's backstory. Now, with the cast of Mockingjay, Part 2 doing the Comic Con interview rounds, it seems Josh Hutcherson has confirmed that something like that is indeed happening, spilling the beans on Conan last night as his co-stars looked on like he wasn't supposed to have said that.

Have a look below to see the interview segment, but prepare to be disappointed: Hutcherson STILL isn't admitting that it's a spin-off series in which he uses his camouflage skills to hide out and catch would-be sexual predators (titled The Peeta Files, obviously).

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