Relativity Media Relatively Broke, Files Bankruptcy

July 30, 2015


Relativity Media LLC, the studio behind recent films like 3 Days to Kill and The Best of Me, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. CLASSIC bankruptcy chapter. The news comes in the days following such ominous portents as public money woes, the layoffs of over 20% of their full-time staff, and the production and distribution of 3 Days to Kill and The Best of Me. The company is now said to be restructuring, though somehow Ryan Kavanaugh remains CEO. In light of the announcement, Relativity will no longer be handling the distribution of Jane Got a Gun and The Bronze but will still go ahead with putting out their own remaining unreleased films, Jared Hess's Masterminds and Kidnap, which is basically Halle Berry's Taken. Ain't no bankruptcy gonna deny us that.

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