'San Andreas' Director To Continue Destroying Cities with The Rock, Joins 'Rampage' Video Game Movie

July 22, 2015


Well, it seems director Brad Peyton will continue making money off his clown car aesthetic of cramming Dwayne Johnson into a helicopter. He jammed him into a little whirlybird for Journey 2 the Mysterious Island; he stuffed him into a rescue chopper for San Andreas; and now, Peyton will almost certainly force The Rock into a helicopter that's firing some large pellets at a giant monster. That's not entirely confirmed, but according to Deadline, what we do know is that Peyton is in talks to direct Rampage, the classic video game adaptation already set to star Johnson in a lead role. Plot details aren't being revealed, but what is known is that Johnson will not be a man-turned-monster but a hero going up against them. In other words, better start the arduous task of working yourself into that flight suit right now, buddy.

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