'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Went Even More Old-School with the Effects Than We Realized

July 22, 2015


We've already had a couple looks at the ways The Force Awakens will be a throwback to the practical effects work of old. We've also already seen that the aged Millennium Falcon still has its little holographic chess (dejarik) table. Now, Adam Savage brings word that said little chess table thing will have the most practical, old-school effects of all: stop motion!

Speaking to io9, the Mythbusters host revealed that the new Star Wars film will imitate the dejarik of A New Hope with not just the same animation techniques but the same animator, legendary go-motion innovator Phil Tippet.

"I got to go watch him shoot it," Savage said. "It was so cool--the old school technology. The oldest school technology: his animation. And it's beautiful."

So rest assured that those tabletop creatures will still lumber about with the slightly awkward, unnatural movements of current-day Harrison Ford.

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