Carl Sagan Will Be Our Next Cosmologist Biopic Subject

August 20, 2015


As Carl Sagan famously said, "There are, in fact, 100 billion other galaxies, each of which contain something like a 100 billion stars. So which star do you think would play me in a movie?" Now, nearly 20 years since his death, he'll at last get his answer, as Warner Bros. has reportedly started development on a Sagan biopic. The astrophysicist's widow, Ann Druyan--who recently won an Emmy for writing 2014's Cosmos update--is producing alongside Lynda Obst, who with Druyan produced the 1997 adaptation of Sagan's Contact. We can only hope that, like the light of a long-dead star, Sagan's scientific wonderment will thus reach another generation even after he himself is gone. But instead of the vacuum of space, the conduit will be, like, Jason Schwartzman or someone.

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