Christopher Guest's 'Mascots' To Star Usual People, Have a Couple Huge Absences

August 26, 2015


When you look beneath the mascot mask, whose face will look back? Not Eugene Levy's, strangely enough. Though Christopher Guest is directing Mascots, a sports mascots-based original film for Netflix, it seems his longtime collaborator Eugene Levy will not be a part of the movie. And, according to The Hollywood Reporter, neither will Catherine O'Hara--marking the first time the former SCTV stars will not star in one of Guest's heavily-improvised comedies.

Otherwise, though, you can count on most of the usual suspects to appear. It's confirmed that Jane Lynch, Parker Posey, John Michael Higgins, Jennifer Coolidge, and Bob Balaban will suit-up for the project, and Guest's Family Tree star Chris O'Dowd is joining the ensemble as well. Human Christopher Guest mascot Fred Willard is not yet confirmed to shout through this thing with joyful abandon, but he sure as hell better.

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