'Fantastic Four' Director Says HIS Version Would Have Had GREAT Reviews

August 7, 2015


Filmmaking is always a collaborative effort, and the pricier a film gets, the more that studio executives want to be involved in the process. Understandably, though rarely for the better, a director's vision can be diluted and lost to decision by committee. And while it's easy for a director to claim that their pure, unadulterated version would have been wildly superior before the studio's interference, it is indeed really easy to do that, so Fantastic Four's Josh Trank has.

Last night, in a since-deleted tweet, Trank let it be known that, believe it or not, he actually prefers his original cut from a year ago to the version now being released in theaters. What's more, you know how the Fantastic Four released today has been getting torn apart in reviews? Well, Trank's cut would have had GREAT reviews. It's like, we don't want to start purely hypothetical Oscar talk yet, but... the writing is on Josh Trank's wall.

Here's a screen-cap of the tweet, in case Fox wants to quickly toss this quote on any last-minute TV spots:


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