Finally, Rob Schneider Plays Sassy Cartoon Polar Bear in 'Norm of the North' Trailer

August 4, 2015


Well, here's the trailer for Lionsgate's Norm of the North, a film that looks less like a theatrical release than a clumsy, watered-down cocktail of Madagascar, Happy Feet, and Ice Age, meant to be sold in a 2007 grocery store's DVD bin. Fittingly, Rob Schneider stars in the title role, playing a polar bear that takes a trip to New York City so that he might stop a real estate developer that plans to build condos and shopping malls in the Arctic. (It's a wildly outrageous plan that doesn't make much sense, but given that this villainous developer also voices his odd, dated idea to somehow copyright Norm's roar and make it into a hot ringtone, maybe the character is just insane?) The results are some jokes that can barely be considered such and a plea for us to tweet about this with the deliriously out-of-touch hashtag "#ShakeYourBearThing." You should still have a look, though:

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