HBO's First 'Westworld' Trailer Teases World of Automaton Cowpokes

August 10, 2015


Though Jurassic World already just reminded us of the dangers of rebooting a story of creating life in a wildly-ambitious theme park penned by Michael Crichton, next year, HBO plans to remind us again. That's when they'll air their series adaptation of Westworld, the 1973 sci-fi thriller about an out-of-control amusement park where androids immerse visitors in a Wild West environment. This take is created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, stars Ed Harris in the villain role made famous by Yul Brynner, and thanks to CGI advancements, now the androids have these muscled, skull-headed, off-white subdermal forms that look exactly like Scare Glow from He-Man. Here's the first teaser:

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