Hear the Original, Chris Farley-Voiced Shrek That Could Have Been

August 6, 2015


As has long been accepted in the Shrek scientific community if denied by Shrek creationists, DreamWorks Animation's famous character went through quite an evolution before becoming the Smash Mouth music video star we're all familiar with today. Early designs for Shrek looked less smoothed-out and smug, more like a grotesque caricature of an ogre. And before Shrek started sounding suspiciously like Fat Bastard, he sounded like the late Chris Farley, who tragically passed away before he could finish recording his dialogue. Not many got to hear that voice for the character, but this week, some old animatics leaked online with Farley and Eddie Murphy's dialogue synced up, and now all may enjoy a couple minutes of the Shrek Farley that could have been. If only we could also finally hear absolutely anyone but Smash Mouth covering "I'm a Believer."


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