Hulu Orders Seth Rogen Pilot That Also Sounds Sort of Like That One 'Futurama' Episode

August 21, 2015


Staying true to his Funny People persona of really wanting to follow in Adam Sandler's high-concept footsteps, Seth Rogen is making a comedy about someone whose video game skills save the world. According to THR, Rogen and frequent collaborator Evan Goldberg are producing and directing the pilot for a potential Hulu series titled Future Man. Rogen and Goldberg's The Night Before collaborators Kyle Hunter and Ariel Schaffir wrote the pilot's script, which focuses on a video game fanatic that is also a janitor, just as Mom warned us we'd be. The difference, though, is that this guy is an extremely high-ranked gamer, leading some visitors to come back in time to get his help when they need video game skills to save the future. So actually more like Star Trek IV, but now with a humpback whale that plays League of Legends?

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