Mickey Rourke Has Silky Grey Locks and a Bird Again, But This Isn't the 'Iron Man 4' Trailer

August 18, 2015


Like with Iron Man 2, we apparently once again have a film in which Mickey Rourke said, "Hey, how about my 'tough-guy' character looks like a steroid-addled, 60-year-old spinster who collects crystals and does tarot readings? Also, he's always shirtless and inexplicably own a bird."

Blunt Force Trauma stars Rourke, True Blood's Ryan Kwanten, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes' Freida Pinto in a story about some kind of ridiculous fight club that's jussssst shy of drunk dudes taking turns punching each other's upper arms until one gives in. The film sees Kwanten and Pinto as top competitors in an underground dueling circuit where people square off in Wild West pistol showdowns--the key thing here being that they're also wearing bulletproof vests, so they're usually just left with severe bruising. Rourke plays what seems to be the final boss in this tournament, and it seems fairly likely that this will end in him being like, "Let's do this... without the bulletproof vest conceit." And Kwanten will be like, "Yes, let's... because we've already gone with your bird bullshit, so what does it even matter?" Here's the trailer:

(Thanks, Kellen!)

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