'Oh! Heavenly Dog' To Be Reborn as Another Movie Where Dead Guy Comes Back as Dog Solving Own Murder

August 31, 2015


In 1980, Chevy Chase made a movie in which he shared top billing with a dog, yet that somehow wasn't even the aspect Chase's agent should have been fired for. Titled Oh! Heavenly Dog, the comedy saw Chase as a private investigator that gets killed on a case. In the afterlife, he learns that he's right on the border between going to Heaven or Hell, so for his inexplicable shot at redemption, he's brought back to life to solve his own murder, but now as a dog for some reason.

Sounds ripe for a remake, right? Well, sorry, but the guy who made Alvin and the Chipmunks and Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever has beaten you to it. According to THR, Tim Hill is already co-writing and directing a new take on this timeless story of being reincarnated as a dog to hilariously hunt down your own killer. Joe Camp directed the original, and his son, Brandon Camp, is producing this one, because these guys have created the strangest family business on Earth.

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