PEZ Animated Movie To Dispense Chalky New Nadir for Brand-Inspired Films

August 3, 2015


Pez is finally making the jump from "candy that looks and tastes like medicine" to the big screen. Envision Media Arts has announced plans to make Pez the latest nostalgia-filled brand that will be a movie for no good reason. Cameron Fay, writer of the upcoming comedy Brother in Laws, is handling the script, and according to Envision CEO and founder Lee Nelson, Fay has "created a world unique to Pez and a story that will touch the hearts of many." Finally, we'll get beneath the springy loading chamber to the sentimental core of Pez dispensers. Which is good, because I've always said that when they finally make the Pez movie, they had better nail the emotional aspect of the compressed sugar rectangles.

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