Pilkington Whinges His Way Through Another Travelogue in New 'Moaning of Life' Trailer

August 4, 2015


An Idiot Abroad star and Ricky Gervais plaything Karl Pilkington has once again taken his hangdog face on the road with The Moaning of Life. The first season of the series already aired on Sky1 in 2013 and earlier this year in the U.S.--you'd be forgiven for missing it, as it aired on the cable outskirts of Discovery's Science network--and now we're getting a first look at the next six episodes. This time, Pilkington will visit Japan, he'll wear robot arms and prosthetic breasts, he'll finally cover that orange-like head with some hair, and, of course, he will complain about these things. Here's the trailer:

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