'Prison Break' Also Returning to Fox

August 6, 2015


Perhaps at last satisfying Dan Harmon's vision of Prison Prison Break, Fox has announced that they're making a follow-up series to Prison Break. Much as they're doing with The X-Files, the network is bringing back the original series creator and the original leading duo (Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller) for what will be just a limited, "event series" special.

For those who followed Prison Break through to its prior conclusion, the straight-to-video The Final Break, this news might come as something of a surprise. For one thing, that being called "The Final Break" sort of implied it would be the finale. Also, Wentworth Miller's Michael Scofield died in that, so it seems kind of weird that he would be back now.

But as Fox Television Group chairman and CEO Dana Walden tells it, Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring has figured out a way to get around that death without utterly writing it off. "I don't think he's going to completely ignore what happened in that episode," Walden reportedly told the press, "but what he pitched to us was a very logical and believable explanation in the world of Prison Break for why are character's alive and still moving around the world."

Details of Scheuring's workaround aren't yet know, but what is clear is that now it's gonna be super disappointing if Purcell doesn't kill himself to break his brother out of Hell.

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